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Published:October 7th, 2013 14:16 EST

UFO Visible For 2 Hours: Not Enough Time For Dude To Find Camera To Tape It: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A man at the Nanling Campus of Julin University in China says he spotted a UFO and quickly called friends who caught it on video.


According to Chinese news website, Mr. Duan says he decided to take a break at midnight and went to buy something to eat when he looked up at the stars and saw the mysterious object. He says it was perfectly still, but was flashing three different colors of light. He did not have a camera on-hand, so he called his friends. They also spotted the object and videotaped it."

Open Minds

Open Minds is a Website that features UFO stories, and it`s a must-click destination on the Web for flying saucer fanatics.

This article doesn`t say if Duan is a physics professor at the university, a student, or a janitor. It doesn`t  explain what Duan took a break from doing at midnight: Surfing risque sites? Viewing Miley Cyrus videos? Playing video games? Watching a UFO invasion flick?

Duan didn`t have a camera on hand --  how convenient! There isn`t a single university student, anywhere on this planet, who doesn`t have a cell phone with a camera.

Dude, the UFO was visible for two freaking hours, that was more than enough time for you to borrow a camera.

Duan claims that his friends spotted the UFO and videotaped it? Then where in God`s name is the damn video?

This is not Duan`s first UFO sighting! Hello!

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