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Published:October 8th, 2013 12:48 EST

Cat Massage Video Goes Viral! Maryjean Ballner Is The Cat's Meow!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Today`s viral video features a pampered cat; you were expecting a video featuring a unicorn? Maryjean Ballner, cat lover, and fashion victim, gives us pointers on how to properly massage your furry companion.


Cats rule the Internet; it`s not surprising that a video tutorial on how to massage your feline has elicited millions of views.

After watching the viral video I fail to see a distinction between petting your cat and massaging him. A cat wouldn`t put up with a real massage, and you would need to put on leather gloves and a face mask before attempting such tomfoolery.

I pet my cats dozens of times a day, and they always purr their approval. It`s a very therapeutic process for cats and their owners/slaves.

Maryjean, stop holding out on me, what are you smoking? Nevermind, it`s probably catnip.

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