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Published:October 8th, 2013 13:22 EST

Egghead Professor: Cats Hate To Be Petted! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Caressing your cat may seem a good way to show affection but it can leave your pet stressed out.

Constant stroking is disliked by all felines although some put up with it, a study shows.

`Cats who tolerate rather than enjoy or dislike being petted seem to be the most stressed,` said Professor Daniel Mills, of Lincoln university. "


It`s axiomatic that dogs love chasing balls and cats love to be petted, right?

Not according to egghead professor Daniel Mills, who contends that constant stroking is disliked by all felines.

Cats aren`t shy about expressing their feelings, if my cat doesn`t like a particular food, she will hiss if I attempt to make her eat it. If cats didn`t like to be petted, they would hiss instead of purring contentedly.

Ignore this eggehead, dogs love to run, Mike Tyson loves to nibble on human ears, Miley Cyrus loves to to be a skank, and cats love to be petted.

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