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Published:October 8th, 2013 12:10 EST

Loser Who Forgot To Flush Arrested For Burglary: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A burglar suspect leaves behind some incriminating and... stinky... evidence. His feces! Not only is the burglar accused of taking from his unsuspecting victims, but Fox 25`s Kisha Henry shows us he left something behind.


Many thieves meticulously make sure they don`t leave behind any fingerprints. But, police say, this man not only didn`t flush, he also left a used piece of toilet paper with his DNA all over it, lying on the bathroom floor."

Fox 25

Charles Marqull Williams, 20, broke into the victim`s home, stole gaming equipment, clothing and a bb gun. Before he left the pig relieved himself in the toilet, without flushing, and left a used piece of toilet paper lying on the bathroom floor.

Apparently Williams never learned to respect other people`s property, or etiquette from his parents. I hope this creep will at least learn communal showers etiquette in the Big House: If you drop bar of soap, don`t pick it up.

The crime lab technician who extracted the incriminating DNA from the used toilet paper had a crappy day, but not as crappy as Williams who is in jail, because the loser couldn`t afford bail.

Moral of this story: Always flush the toilet, especially if you are a burglar using your victim`s toilet.

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