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Published:October 9th, 2013 08:23 EST
Is NYDP Detective Wojciech Braszczok a Member of Motorcycle Group Who Attacked Alexian Lien?

Is NYDP Detective Wojciech Braszczok a Member of Motorcycle Group Who Attacked Alexian Lien?

By John G. Kays

How could it be true? A New York Police Department detective, 32-year-old Wojciech Braszczok joined in on the assault of Alexian Lien and his Range Rover? One, why did the detective support the attack of Lien`s SUV by a group of bikers out for a little fun on a Sunday afternoon? And, two, why did he lie (or attempt to cover it up) to his superiors who were conducting an investigation into the incident? Three (it just occurred to me), is the question of whether Braszczok is a member of this motorcycle club?

Why did Alexian Lien run over several bikers in the first place, we still would like to know? Did Wojciech Braszczok see the escalation of this confrontation, when Lien runs over the bikers, since he fears for his own safety and for his family`s lives as well? The video (with the camera on a fellow biker`s helmet) only provides us with a narrow, single angle of this very serious case of mutual road rage; are there other videos or photo stills which might broaden our scope of what happened?

Well, I hear the NYPD have access to this photographic evidence, but will they give the public access to it so that we might better understand how this got so out of control? Were the bikers threatening Lien very early on, and did they nearly prod him into running some of their own off the road? Why did they surround him in the first place? Were they trying to intimidate all cars to get off the road so they could play games? Did they hope to get Manhattan`s West Side Highway all to themselves?

And what`s this about two other NYPD detectives apparently present towards the back of the parade (using that word loosely of course)? Why didn`t they try to interrupt the escalating hostilities and violence? Or if they couldn`t do that (because they weren`t on duty, or since they worked an undercover detail [if that`s the case]), then, why didn`t they at least call some backup, so that the police could prevent things from getting so out of hand and crazy? This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!

And what about what Christopher Cruz did; cutting in front of Lien`s Range Rover, then breaking abruptly, so as to force Lien to bump into him? This, we must realize, is the gasoline that fueled the fire, that causes the confrontation to cascade to an inevitable showdown (you `ll have to admit). Is it safe to say, I must ask, that Christopher Cruz provoked the incident purposely, willfully? Edwin Mieses is the biker who was injured by Alexian Lien, is probably paralyzed now; should he blame Lien or his fellow bikers for his condition?

And what about Reginald Chance; obviously, he is guilty of smashing his helmet into Lien`s SUV window, but was he ever knocked off his motorcycle by Lien earlier, as he claims? If this is so, it gives us a little different picture of Alexian Lien, more of one as an aggressor rather than a defender, just protecting his family when on a friendly Sunday drive (celebrating a wedding anniversary). It`s very strange that Lien faces no criminal charges himself, but this is probably how it will remain.

This is just a very strange case all around; I say that, since we have plenty of photographic documentation available, yet we still have a very subjective take on what everybody was doing for those tens minutes or so. I mean, there were as many as 30 parties involved in (what looks like) a motorcycle gangland stomp and assault, right out of the pages of Hunter S. Thompson`s Hells Angels! Of course, the bikers are denying they`re any kind of outlaw biker gang; but what do you think? And to think an NYPD detective ran with this bunch, that really makes it weirder than weird. Will we ever get to the bottom of this and sort this mess out? Road rage morphs to riot and gangland mayhem, is the direction I`m leaning in.