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Published:October 10th, 2013 08:19 EST
How Did Lynne Spalding Find Her Way into This Mysterious Stairwell of San Francisco General Hospital?

How Did Lynne Spalding Find Her Way into This Mysterious Stairwell of San Francisco General Hospital?

By John G. Kays

With the unhinging discovery of Lynne Spalding`s body in an isolated stairwell (of San Francisco General Hospital) on Tuesday (around 10AM, Oct 8th), the contours of what possibly happened to her, way back on the 21st of September, are only barely coming into focus (remote as it is from any kind of clear focus). Family and friends had be searching frantically for her, in every nick and cranny of the city of San Francisco, which Lynne Spalding called her home (although Lynn was originally from Great Britain). As such, those who cared about Ms Spalding obviously assumed SFGH had already been eliminated as a possibility as to her whereabouts.

I came in contact with the story on the CNN news page in the waning hours of yesterday`s work day; while others could be brushed over as prosaic or routine, what happened to a patient in SF, who entered the hospital on the 19th of September on what was diagnosed as a urinary infection, was anything but ordinary. I think it would be safe to categorize it as BIZARRE, maybe even a bit paranormal. The nearly unbelievable facts given in news accounts continued to roll through my mind randomly, as I left work and negotiated the taxing commute back home.

Upon landing safely back home, I engaged in some internet research on this strange occurrence emanating from the Bay City, looking for news coverage with quite a bit more detail than the usual ho-hum story, and I believe I found it in a San Jose Mercury News piece, San Francisco: Family of woman found dead on hospital stairwell seeks answers. Okay, so I gathered 4 or 5 reliable sources, printing out hard copies of each of the chronicles, and supplementing the print news with some television coverage, such as NBC Bay Area. Now I was getting the scoop quite a bit better and could begin to make some reasonable assessments!

Not too fast; one item in particular wasn`t coming together in my mind, as I tried to simulate how or why Lynne left her hospital bed (we`re hearing, between 10:15 AM and 10:30 AM on September 21st, which turns out was a Saturday), and apparently made her way over to this mysterious stairwell, when heavily medicated. Okay, so here`s my problem: an LA Times article says the alarmed fire door was locked from the outside and the stairs ended at the bottom on the hospital grounds. Is this correct?

Does this mean you can`t get in, but you can get out, once you`re in the stairwell, or just the opposite, you can get in, but you can`t get out, once you`re in there? This is what totally blows my circuit board off its hinges! Surely Lynne did get in, but she couldn`t get out once she shut the door. Therefore, the latter half of my polar proposals is likely what locked from the outside means. This scenario also implies, that if Lynne cried out for help, her passionate pleas were entirely unheard. The problem with the timing is another issue we need to consider.

Did Ms Spalding enter the nearly forgotten stairwell directly after leaving her room, or did she wander about for a bit before deciding on opening this misbegotten door, which she couldn`t leave from? It`s likely, in my take of it, that she did go directly to this space, since someone probably would have seen her, if she was wandering around the SFGH corridors, conceivably in a medicated stupor. 

One comment posted on an ABC Local (KGO) piece stuck with me; Lynne may have wanted to go and smoke a cigarette, although I can`t confirm whether she was a smoker or not. Another simulation in my head brings me more consternation: had she descended the stairs to the bottom, she likely could have exited into open air. This makes me think, Lynne may have been too weak and medicated, I don`t know?