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Published:October 11th, 2013 11:56 EST

Boogie The Dog Runs Half-Marathon, Wins Ribbon, Gets Neutered: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Boogie, a brown lab from Indiana, completed most of the half-marathon he inadvertently entered after escaping his owner Saturday.


After finishing the race in two hours and 15 minutes, beating over half of the race`s competitors, the dog was taken to Animal Control by authorities.

Boogie escaped from his leash, for the fourth time this week, the night before the race. His owner Jerry Butts found him after Evansville Police posted a photo of the dog on their Facebook page."


Every dog has his day, and last Saturday was a doggone good day for Boogie. The inspirational mutt  completed a half-marathon, and even won a ribbon.

Boogie is the first pooch in recorded history to complete a half-marathon without his owner by his side. A dog may be man`s best friend, but this canine ain`t just a sidekick.

What`s in store for Boogie after his amazing accomplishment? Facebook page, Twitter account and spokesperson for dog food? That may very well be in the cards for this delightful dog, unfortunately the next thing on his agenda is a visit to the vet where he will be neutered and microchipped.

Hopefully Boogie will calm down and stop running away from home after he gets fixed.

Yikes! Makes me think twice about entering a marathon.

Boogie on Boogie!


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