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Published:October 11th, 2013 08:06 EST
How Did Kendrick Johnson Get Stuck In a Gym Mat, Then Die of 'Positional Asphyxia?'

How Did Kendrick Johnson Get Stuck In a Gym Mat, Then Die of 'Positional Asphyxia?'

By John G. Kays

After I got home from work last night, I turned on HLN and watched some very good investigative news reports, filed by CNN reporter Victor Blackwell, on the Kendrick Johnson case coming out from Valdosta, Georgia. This is my first exposure to Kendrick Johnson`s disturbing case, which gets fairly complicated by the time you take a look at all the moving parts. That is, I don`t feel as if I yet have a very good grip on what they have; however, the one quick conclusion I came to, is that I questioned how the Lowndes County Sheriff`s Office could have been fooled into believing Kendrick`s death was an accident.

After reviewing Victor Blackwell`s televised reports, which included quite a few photographs of evidentiary value, my first impression is that whoever killed Kendrick, set up the scene to make it look like an accident. But as you start to break it down, one wonders how an athletically inclined 17-year-old could fall down or get trapped in one of these large rolled-up mats. An unlikely scenario for how this young man ended up, tangled up in this mat, I have to say! And what about the two shoes? Are they caked with blood?

And one thing I wondered about, when they found Kendrick`s body in the gymnasium of Lowndes County High School, back on January 11th, was the matt still upright, or did the investigators find it toppled over on its side? The photos have it fallen down, but is this how it was found originally? And one has to scratch their head a bit, how could Kendrick`s shoe have fallen down in this mat? Why is the shoe caked with (purportedly) his blood? If he died of asphyxia, then why would he bleed profusely? Inconceivable!

And what about that other photo? Is that from the gym shower with three large rivulets or streams of coagulated blood, dripping down a white plaster-like wall? How did these not so subtle stains get there? How old are they? Are they blood? They sure look like blood! Why weren`t they tested to see if they belonged to the deceased young man? It looks to me like somebody was beat up and killed; the new, second autopsy supports this reasonable theory, where really blunt force trauma to the neck was the cause of death.

This looks more like Kendrick Johnson was murdered, not that he got snarled by a hostile gym mat when retrieving a lost designer shoe. Yet we`re even hearing the Georgia Bureau of Investigation`s (GBI) medical examiner came to the conclusion he died as a result of positional asphyxia, meaning he suffocated while stuck in the mat. I can see where the local authorities might have flubbed this up, but the GBI too? Why does this look like a cover-up? Are we paranoid, or are we seeing some old world goings ons still in play (the good old-boy circuit, old school methods for the South)?

Could this be true in 2013? Glad to see Benjamin Crump getting involved; this will help the case get more publicity, which is what seems to be already happening. What I really want to know, is can they identify any other parties who were at the gym with Kendrick on January 10th (the day before his body was discovered)? Somebody isn`t talking, somebody knows the timeline of Mr. Johnson`s activities at school that winter day, but they`re keepin` quiet. I betcha it`s the one who did the killin,` who`s intimidating others who were there. Let`s see the surveillance footage!