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Published:October 11th, 2013 11:12 EST

Outrage: Owner Of Wheelchair-Bound Cat Fined For Not Using Leash! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pooh Bear`s front legs work fine, but his back legs don`t work at all. His owner Yvonne Steel has replaced those back legs with wheels. She got the little device on eBay and she calls it a wheelchair.

She takes Pooh Bear for a walk every day in a grassy area next to Wells Park. He needs the exercise for his back legs."


First Coast News

Brevard County Animal Services slapped this poor woman with a $230 ticket for failing to have her disabled cat on a leash.

Animal services said there are no exceptions to the leash law, even for disabled animals. This law needs to be amended, and in the meantime animal services should look the other way when Pooh Bear comes rolling along.

The purpose for the law is so that cats won`t run wild, and start fights with dogs or other animals. But Pooh Bear is disabled; he rolls around in his wheelchair contraption at a snail`s pace.

Try putting a leash on a cat, and you are guaranteed to have a fight. 

Yvonne Steel is a lady, a scholar and an animal lover; she deserves a commendation from animal services for taking such good care of her disabled kitty.

Doesn`t Brevard County Animal Services have more pressing concerns: Rabid dogs, kittens stuck up in a tree... Just saying!

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