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Published:October 13th, 2013 13:59 EST
Book Reviews for A Layman`s Guide To Managing Fear

Book Reviews for A Layman`s Guide To Managing Fear

By Stan Popovich

Here are just a small sample of  book reviews of Stan Popovich`s popular book A Layman`s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods.  For more information about Stan`s helpful  book and to read Stan`s free mental health articles please go to  If you know of anyone who could  use Stan`s valuable information on fear, anxiety, stress, depression, and addiction please send them to his website. Thank you.  


Good Starting Place

I found the simplistic and straight-forward language to be appealing for people who are beginning to take an active role in first understanding their anxieties/fears and needing guidance in a direction to pursue. In working with students who have anxieties - they don`t want a long-drawn out self-help book....but rather one that gives a clear step by step process. Popovich`s book could provide just the right amount of support a young person would need to start conquering the anxieties/fears (and see success in the small steps) as well as the confidence to seek help from others. By: Counselor: Opportunity Maker---Posted On Amazon  


As a Chaplain in Pastoral Care field

The book is well thought out, it puts many of things counselors use into simple terms that anyone can understand. As J Venon Magee use to say, He`s brought the cookie jar to the bottom shelf where everyone can enjoy it". Stan did a good job explaining the emotion of fear, and how best to approach it. I will be reading it again. By: Chaplain Mark---Posted On Amazon 

Managing fear

Very good and concrete book. I was impressed with the strategies, the very specific Bible passages and the examples provided. There are some excellent strategies to help someone when they are in the midst of fear and anxiety. And anyone can learn from the examples provided. there is also room at the back of the book to take notes. Very nice touch. By: Mary Reilly---Posted On Amazon  


A quick and easy guide to gaining control over Fear

The author of this 60 page guide explores the possible and varied sources of fears, while focusing on easy to understand and identify with, assorted anonymous case examples. The author offers, easy to follow clear routes and methods for overcoming and conquering very real anxieties and fears that often block positive actions. I think that most people would find this guide helpful and comforting, in that it gives a step by step approach to overcoming obstacles that can undermine and block a person`s confidence. As a trained and experienced counselor, I would recommend this book.

By: P. Vanderveer---Posted On Amazon 



A very good guide for the layman

This guide book is a great read for anyone who has recognized fear as a hurdle to overcome or if you just want to understand the process of gaining confidence. I like this book because it does speak to the layman without using clinical words which most people fail to understand and is something that I believe cripples many practitioners of mental health, the grandiose desire to impress with words, rather than help with practical and solid advice. Stanley Popovich takes behaviors that we all engage in and breaks them down to get a clear understanding through the use of illustrations and provides workable steps as a framework to help people overcome their fears. By: Teree---Posted On Amazon 


A long useful pamphlet

As a therapist who works with all ages and problems, I like to educate my clients as much as possible and I would use this work to do that. What I did get was a layperson`s well thought out and written exposition of what anxiety was about, how it felt and what one could try to do to deal with it. Being a layperson`s guide Mr. P was careful to recommend professional help which also endears this work to me.
I would also give everyone the caveat that it is up to them whether they read the religious parts or not, but I think the information contained within the kindle book will be valuable either way. For many people being in a therapist`s or psychiatrist`s office can be anxiety provoking in itself so this well written work can be used to read in their own time. By: L. Siddiqi---Posted On Amazon


Great Resource for Managing Fear

Mr. Stanley Popovich has written an easy-to-understand guide in managing fear. He includes tips such as positive self-talk, prayer, and acceptance as tools to manage fear and anxiety. He states that combining all 3 techniques (psychological, acceptance, and spiritual) impacts the individual greater with an increased ability to reduce anxiety symptoms. This book is a great overview and starting point for non-professionals to use in understanding their own or a loved one`s fear and anxiety symptoms. By: Samantha Brin---Posted On Amazon