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Published:October 14th, 2013 15:23 EST

Lutheran Church Offers Drive-Through Prayer: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Lutheran church in Scituate, Mass., is offering a drive-through prayer service in an attempt to connect with busy residents, the pastor said.


Christ Lutheran Church began the trial basis Saturday and the program will last until at least the end of next week, The Boston Globe said."


There is nothing more annoying than a pious person offering a long-winded prayer at church in an attempt to prove his religiosity and divine connection to the Almighty.

At the Lutheran church drive-through prayer service parishioners are treated to prayers stripped of fake spirituality and rhetorical flourishes.

The church volunteers manning the drive aren`t going to pray for your wife, children, pets, neighbors and co-workers, out of necessity they will keep things pithy.

I applaud the Christ Lutheran Church for thinking, or praying, outside the box, but a drive-thru anything is still old school.

The only mediator  you need between you and the deity of your choice is a smartphone, yes there`s an app for that. There`s all kinds of prayer apps available for the spiritually-inclined who don`t have any time for jibber jabber.

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