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Published:October 16th, 2013 08:30 EST
With Madeleine McCann`s Labyrinthian Mystery, Are the E-Fit Suspect Images Fantasy or Real?

With Madeleine McCann`s Labyrinthian Mystery, Are the E-Fit Suspect Images Fantasy or Real?

By John G. Kays

I`m sorry to say, yesterday was the first time I`ve gotten around to taking a look at the Madeleine McCann abduction from 2007, since some relevant new developments are coming into place, seemingly. HLN`s Jane Velez Mitchell dedicated the first half of her show to Madeleine McCann`s Room of Mirrors, labyrinthian case; I thought to hit the DVR button and vicariously invested into the confusion and contradictions (the evidence tends to take you down some dead-end roads). This morning, while in a thoroughly baffled state-of-mind, I waded through a number of articles published by some of our most prestigious British newspapers.

Well, brevity is not exactly a virtue of British journalists, yet I do understand this case has lots of legs to it, rather, lots of layers to it, and has had 5 years to take some twists and turns; the Scotland Yard can`t solve it, so I guess I need not flagellate myself if it seems complicated and hard to understand. I began the morning ritual with some piping hot coffee, ran JVM`s tape again, and stared at those two computer generated images released by the Metropolitan Police, about a thousand times over!

The bottom line here, as you probably already know, is that two independent witnesses gave these descriptions to the police, while not knowing what the other one was giving them, and they both apparently conjured up one and the same suspect. That is, the two faces of the alleged suspect look startlingly similar. You get that, I get that, so one would tend to conclude this is the man who did it, who abducted 3-year-old Madeleine McCann. *(the date of the crime is May 3, 2007). The place is a resort by the name of Praia da Luz in Algarve, Portugal. *(I haven`t had a chance to look it up on a map).

The most important development, is that two witnesses have given the same name identifying the suspect, after looking at the police sketches (which have been around since 2007). One question I have, which doesn`t seem that obvious to me from reading several articles, is, are these two witnesses who gave the same name one and the same as the witnesses who provided the description for which the sketches are based on? This is a very important tie-in that I need to make!

Even still, while seemingly factual, the thought of this young white man carrying a child in his arms towards the beach is very surreal to me; no, it doesn`t appear to be real, more like something one would see in an English Gothic Horror film, starring Barbara Steel! Well, if they say it happened this way, then I suppose it did, or did it? Why would he be carrying this child (in a trance-like state) to the beach? Where was he taking her? What was his motive? Was it money, or was he just some type of predator? Why didn`t somebody follow him, if they suspected his odd behavior in the first place?

This is not yet gelling for me; well, I don`t believe it`s been doing so for the Scotland Yard either over the past the past 6 years. The new surge of enthusiasm is due to the BBC`s Monday broadcast of One`s Crimewatch, where the immaculate technology of these Electronic Facial Identification Technique (e-fits) was projected on millions of viewers` television screens, generating scads and scads of new leads. Some of these leads are credible, somebody knows this guy; he may have been taken in for questioning already, even as I type away frantically! I haven`t had time to think over claims of a pre-planned abduction yet. If this was a group conspiracy, then what was the motive?