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Published:October 22nd, 2013 07:52 EST
Were the Murders of Hailey Nicholls and Jesse Robledo in San Marcos Premeditated by Daniel Stillwell?

Were the Murders of Hailey Nicholls and Jesse Robledo in San Marcos Premeditated by Daniel Stillwell?

By John G. Kays

I saw the news story of the double homicide of Hailey Nicholls and Jesse Robledo at the hands of Daniel Stillwell down in San Marcos, thinking I would forget about it, but I didn`t. After reading about the tragic incident last Thursday evening, I went about my everyday activities normally, with the contours of what just had happened down in San Marcos streaming through my subconscious (perhaps, without my permission). I had some notions in my mind, going all the way back to the 1970s, about how peaceful and laid back this little college town was, and this horrific homicide wasn`t gelling with what I thought I knew.

That is, wasn`t this violent outburst uncharacteristic of San Marcos? Are there some newer negative energies hitting the town, that can`t be explained as a simple case of a jealous ex-boyfriend freaking out, then going on a violent rampage simply because he got a hold of a firearm, when his emotions were going this way and that way, Helter Skelter, you might say? Well, this brings up a statement made by the police chief Howard Williams, that Daniel Stillwell planned out these murders in advance, that it was premeditated.

If Daniel was still living in the same apartment complex (Executive Townhomes) as his ex-girlfriend Hailey Nicholls, who he had only recently broken up with (I need an exact date for the breakup?), then it would stand to reason, he had lots of time to steam and brood about Hailey seeing this other guy, Jesse Robledo, who he`d apparently known, since they both worked at the Chipotle Grill, which is close to the Texas State campus. Too, there is one amiable photo (I`ve seen) of the three parties (involved in the tragedy), that was apparently posted on Facebook. One can kind of see how these negative forces festered in Stillwell`s mind.

Another reason for this story not easily getting deleted from my memory bank, was the manner of entry utilized by a possessed young man; that is, the use of a rather large brick to shatter the sliding glass door. I rather wish I could have gotten a little better gander at it, but did see some local news coverage, where the reporter showed where Daniel found the brick he used to break the glass door. Was this premeditated too? Did he think in advance about how he`d gain entrance to Hailey`s apartment? Sorry if these simulations are scaring you, I know they`re scaring me, but the scenario rolls through my mind before I can curtail its unsavory projection.

Moreover, in the aftermath of these unsettling events, I recall several times over the past year when visiting San Marcos, since I was doing some research at the university library there, I would have lunch at the Chipotle Grill. I tried to picture whether any of these kids were working there on days when I dined there. Naturally, I imagined they were, but of course, I can`t actually remember who was serving me, come to think of it. I mean, who notices those sort of things! This is neither here nor there, but it does make the story most REAL for me, when this cozy little restaurant is the scene or setting that put the wheels in motion for a very disturbing sequence of events.

Another loose end, when trying to put this together in, perhaps, a deeper fashion (as opposed to a very dry, ho-hum newspaper account), is the role of Daniel`s roommate, Daniel Trottier. I mean, Daniel (the suspect) found his gun in the apartment they shared, and this was the weapon used to shoot Hailey and Jesse. What I`m wondering, is did Mister Trottier know anything (ahead of time) about Stillwell`s deteriorated state of mind? Had he heard of any threats that sounded legitimate? Why did Stillwell know where his firearm was? And the vehicular suicide off Devil`s Backbone won`t let me be either!