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Published:October 26th, 2013 11:12 EST

Cop Fired After Shooting & Pepper Spraying Squirrel Inside Dollar General Store: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Tennessee police officer lost his job after he shot a squirrel inside a store.

It happened in Mountain City -- northeast of Johnson City.


According to police documents, now-former Officer Jody Putnam was inside a Dollar General Store when employees noticed the squirrel. Putnam apparently shot his firearm at the squirrel inside the store. When that didn`t work, he used another weapon; pepper spray."


I can`t imagine a situation where a cop would be justified in shooting a squirrel, certainly not inside a store when there are employees and customers inside.

The bumbling cop used every weapon at his disposal, a gun and pepper spray, fortunately the squirrel managed to escape.

If this moron faced off against a more dangerous adversary, say a burglar or a mugger, he would be toast.

Jody Putnam has been fired, and I hope he never finds a job where he has to deal with the public or animals.

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