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Published:October 31st, 2013 10:39 EST

Wise Woman To Hand Out 'Fat Letters' Instead Of Candy To Fat Kids: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A North Dakota woman said she plans to hand out letters instead of Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters she considers to be moderately obese.

The Fargo woman`s letter, which quickly spread via social media after she announced her intentions, is addressed to the parents of the trick-or-treaters who received it and informs the parents that their children appear to be  moderately obese, KVLY-FM, Fargo, reported Wednesday.

The letter urges parents not to feed children candy and to guide the youngsters toward a healthier lifestyle."


Childhood obesity is an epidemic, and I applaud this woman, identified only as Cheryl, for doing what she can to combat this epidemic.

This wise lady is celebrating the true spirit of Halloween; she`s putting the "trick" back into "trick or treat."

Fat kids shouldn`t go trick or treating, period! Shame on parents who send their chubby kids to beg for candy on Halloween.

Oh, but some bleeding hearts argue, the poor kids will be humiliated when they get a letter warning them that they are too fat. Let`s get real, obese children will face a lifetime of ridicule and humiliation, the quicker they learn the facts of life, and shed the extra pounds the better!

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