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Published:November 3rd, 2013 10:59 EST

Outrage: Mick Jagger Hit On Katy Perry When She Was Only 18!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"British rocker Mick Jagger said he never made a pass at singer Katy Perry when she was 18 despite her assertions otherwise."



Mick Jagger is older than dirt, his Willy is shooting blanks, and his face is more wrinkled than a prune, but that doesn`t stop him from hitting on the hotties.

The decrepit rocker hit on Katy Perry when she was only 18 --  grandpa that`s disgusting.

Katy has a penchant for dying her hair yellow, pink and blue; Jagger is practically blind and maybe he thought the pop tart was a blue-haired old lady, and thus right up his alley.

Come on Jagger, hit on somebody your own age. How about Phyllis Diller? Wait, she`s dead? So what, you`d still make a good couple.

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