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Published:November 4th, 2013 14:04 EST

Twenty Pound Carp Running For City Council In Ann Arbor

By Robert Paul Reyes

An unlikely candidate hoping to swim its way onto a seat on the city council in Ann Arbor, Mich., is waging a write-in campaign that has voters wondering if something fishy is going on.


The candidate in Tuesday`s election is a 20-pound common carp that was pulled from the waters of a local pond last November after preservation workers deemed it was destroying the local vegetation, according to The Ann Arbor News.

The carp was released into the nearby Huron River at the time but, thanks to social media, never really left in the first place. "

ABC News

Politics is a dirty business inhabited by snakes and rats; a carp wading into this dirty cesspool is a breath of fresh air.

The carp is running against Jack Eaton, a Democrat, who doesn`t have a human opponent.

Would to God there was a carp running for governor of Virginia! Tomorrow I have to decide between soulless Bill Clinton acolyte and Democratic Party hack Terry McAuliffe and Attila the Hun disciple and Republican Party nutjob Ken Cuccinelli.

The 20-pound carp deserves better than a seat on the city council in Ann Arbor or even the governorship of Virginia: Carp for President of the United States in 2016.

The 20-pound carp is definitely a better candidate than a 400+ pound of lard, Chris Christie or the empty pantsuit, Hillary Clinton.  

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