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Published:November 5th, 2013 15:48 EST

Hottie Named Daisy Cowit Plows Car Into Herd Of Cows While Texting

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New York State woman named Daisy Cowit has been arrested for plowing her car straight through a herd of 50 cows last week.


Cowit was reportedly texting while behind the wheel of her Jeep Liberty when she slammed into six of the 1,500 pound milk cows.

Three of the cows were seriously injured and had to undergo emergency surgery. Witnesses said one of them was tossed five feet into the air."

Daily Mail

Holy Cow! You can`t make this stuff up, a woman named Daisy Cowit, mowed down a herd of cows while texting behind the wheel.

This texting witch also struck a farmhand who was desperately trying to get her to stop the car.

The cops shouldn`t be cowed by Cowit`s amazing beauty; they should throw the book at her.

You can now add Daisy Cowit to the list of soulless gingers who are wreaking havoc worldwide: Lindsay Lohan, Carrot Top, Shirley Manson, Danny Bonaduce & Seth Green.

I think I`ve milked this story for enough laughs; I just hope and pray the injured cows survive.

Pic of ginger hottie Daisy Cowit:

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