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Published:November 6th, 2013 08:31 EST
In Colin McLaren`s 'JFK: The Smoking Gun,' What`s its Achilles Heel?

In Colin McLaren`s 'JFK: The Smoking Gun,' What`s its Achilles Heel?

By John G. Kays


Secret Service Agent George Hickey reacts (probably) to the second high-powered rifle discharge in Dealey Plaza, picks up his AR-15, thinking he`ll return fire, when (when the car jerks) his gun accidentally fires forward, hitting the President in the back of the head. This is the fatal shot and the center piece of the REELTZ special: JFK: The Smoking Gun, broadcast Monday night on 556 (Time Warner Cable). I`ve viewed it 3 times; not really convinced, but boy did Colin McLaren do a good job swaying me ever so slightly towards his camp (which is actually Howard Donahue`s camp).


Well, actually the former Australian detective, Colin McLaren, has taken Howard Donahue`s impressive work, which never quite took off in the sensational environment of the late 1970s (a conspiracy fad), refined it by arduously studying the 26 Warren volumes, which then breathes new life into this postulate, it was an inside job, mainly the Secret Service. I`m looking around for my own smoking gun, to blow some holes in this weathered theory (which oddly enough, most Conspiratoricians haven`t seen), but it looks like McLaren has done a good job of sealing the leaks before he went public.


Don`t worry, I`ll find its Achilles Heel, but hopefully I won`t have to yank out the 26 Warren volumes to do so. One aspect of The Smoking Gun that I want to give quite a bit more attention, is what happened at JFK`s autopsy. Why did Secret Service agents confiscate slide evidence in the aftermath of the hasty, disorganized autopsy? This implies top agents already knew that George Hickey did it, even if it was accidental; how did they know this? Eye-witnesses saw Hickey with the AR-15, but did any of them see the weapon discharge?


I had to rewind the tape to the autopsy section, which was conducted at Bethesda Naval Hospital by James Humes, once the President`s body had been stolen by Government Agents at Parkland in Dallas. While I`m thinking of it, two items on my To Do Check List will have to be to read Bonar Menninger`s book, Mortal Error, and to read a Spring of 1977 Baltimore Sun article, which comes in 2 parts, and gives Howard Donahue`s startling new theories for the first time. I assume, it will be a task to get my hands on it; and I want to contemplate for a minute or two (if I can), why Donahue`s theory wasn`t able to garner a great deal of interest (in 1977), or grow in popularity.


What role did Roy Kellerman play in the cover-up? Was he the one who confiscated the autopsy evidence? And what about the destruction of Secret Service files as late as 1995, when the Clinton Administration issued the Open Records Act? Who destroyed these pertinent Assassination files? Another important angle to the autopsy segment, is the testimony of X ray technician, Jerrol Francis Custer, which is so fantastic, it`s somewhat hard to believe. I`m not saying I don`t buy it, but I`m wondering why I haven`t heard it before. Particularly, the planting of full metal jacket bullet fragments, to make it look like it the shot was coming from the Carcano Bolt Action rifle.


I`m still not buying it, but that doesn`t mean I won`t run everything by a couple hundred times more, to see if the template has any obvious software holes that could use plugging. So far, so good, or rather mostly good, I must say. The prevalence of eye-witnesses saying they smelled gun powder on the ground really blew my mind! I clearly remember Ralph Yarborough emphasizing that emphatically, on the Men Who Killed Kennedy. Yet SM Holland saw a puff of smoke coming from a clump of trees on The Grassy Knoll, not from the central portion of Elm. Kennedy`s head falls backward and to the side; the fatal head shot came from behind the picket fence; I`ll always believe that.