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Published:November 7th, 2013 08:28 EST
Anthony Summer`s 'Conspiracy (1980)' Is Where I First Learned Many of the Angles of JFK`s Assassination!

Anthony Summer`s 'Conspiracy (1980)' Is Where I First Learned Many of the Angles of JFK`s Assassination!

By John G. Kays

A visit to the University of Texas General Libraries on Sunday produced mixed results; one nice catch, however, was a book I have read many times before, Conspiracy - The Definitive Book On The JFK Assassination, by Anthony Summers. This particular edition is the1989 monograph. At one time I owned the first edition, which was published in 1980 (by McGraw-Hill); it was practically my bible when zealously engaging in research, in the aftermath of the shocking conclusions of the House Select Committee. This morning, I learned there`s a new edition out (Not In Your Lifetime) in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of Kennedy`s fatal trip to Dallas; I`ll need to pick it up, of course. 

Well, as it goes, I was getting a bit nostalgic and teary-eyed when scouring this volume (for about the millionth time), since I had leaned fairly heavily on it back in 1988 when working on a project (Conspiracy-A-Go-Go) for the 25th Anniversary up in Dallas. I heard for the first time (when reading Conspiracy) many of the important angles in JFK`s assassination, which points to a vast cabal of powerful individuals associated with influential organizations, working in cahoots with one another to take the 35th President out (of commission), then to engage in a cover-up to hide what they just did.

I must say, though, I was starting to hear about many of these shady connections in the mid-seventies, when hearing the news of where the House Select Committee was going with the investigation, what witnesses they were calling, etc., culminating with the startling acoustic tests conducted in Dealey Plaza, after they`d discovered a pristine dictabelt recording of a Dallas Police Officer (riding a motorcycle), who accidentally left his microphone on when escorting the Presidential Motorcade. Okay, so conclusively, there were 4 shots, and one was fired from The Grassy Knoll!

This changed my thinking dramatically (Duh!); what Anthony Summers did, was to catalog this new information in one book (highly valuable, is the Cast of Characters). Now you can get to it; I`ve trudged my way through many entries in the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission, and I know how nice it is to be able to see tangible results in your work. Conspiracy is particularly strong on explaining the role played by the Mafia and by the CIA. This is where I first heard of Maurice Bishop (David Phillips?), who was setting Oswald up, connecting him to Cuban diplomats in Mexico City, by forging documents.

For the coffee table book, Conspiracy-A-Go-Go, I was assigned to the General Edwin A. Walker (an ultra-conservative Nut) shooting attempt, purportedly by O.H. Lee, and was fortunate enough to first see Oswald`s polaroid of the back of Walker`s house in Turtle Creek, in Summer`s Conspiracy. Furthermore, I lived on Avondale at the time (the Fall of 1988), and could walk across the street and inspect Walker`s former residence all I wanted. I certainly did just that and also carefully studied the references on Walker in my blue-cover volume (First edition). Naturally, we wonder who had cut out the license plate on a 1957 Chevrolet, in Lee`s picture. A similar car had been seen driving by before and during the shooting attempt on Walker (I`ll say, it was on April 10th, 1963, without looking it up)

Needless to say, someone didn`t want the authorities to know who owned that 1957 Chevrolet; Police Chief Jessie Curry recalled in his memoirs, the license plate was in tact when Dallas cops first confiscated Oswald`s belongings, at Ruth Paine`s home in Irving, Texas. I concluded myself, that Lee was only one of the people (the others may have been Cubans) involved in the Walker attempt. But Summers brings up the contradiction that why would Oswald, who was on the extreme Left, want to kill JFK, who was on the Center-Left? It`s more logical, however, that Lee would want to kill Walker, who was on the Hard Hard Right! It makes no sense and Summers taught me this.