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Published:November 7th, 2013 13:25 EST

Outrage: Drowsy Driver Crashes Into Mattress Store

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Sleep Experts mattress store near the Central Expressway in Dallas was not designed to be a drive-thru operation, but that`s what it turned into Monday night when a drowsy driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed her new pickup truck through the wall."



It`s fortunate that the drowsy driver crashed into an empty mattress store and not into  a crowded bar or a nightclub.

The woman, whose name wasn`t released by the police, was driving home after working a 13-hour shift, but that`s no excuse. Driving while drowsy is just as dangerous, and just as illegal as driving while drunk.

This woman should be sleeping in a hard jail cell mattress for at least a month; I have no sympathy, she could have killed someone.

The sleepy lady should have called a taxi, or a friend or family member to drive her home.

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