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Published:November 7th, 2013 12:58 EST

Outrage: Tomahawk-Throwing Champion Fails To Throw Tomahawk At Burglar: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A tomahawk-throwing champion who chased a burglar from her Hemet home said it took her everything she had not to throw the weapon at the man. 


Robin Irvine awoke Sunday morning to find a man trying to steal a watch from her wrist while she slept, she said. She let out a scream -- and a string of profanity -- which startled the man, who took off.

`That`s what gave me time to grab ahold of it,` she told NBC, Channel 4 of the ax she keeps by her bedside table. `He ran down the hall and I was right behind him.`"

Los Angeles Times

The tomahawk-throwing champion wasted her talent by not throwing the tomahawk into the spine of the burglar.

Because of her failure to take decisive action, the cretin will live another day to burglarize and terrorize god only knows how many more homes.

If a thief has the temerity to steal a watch from your wrist while you are sleeping, it`s a sin not to blow him away to Kingdom Come.

I don`t sleep with a tomahawk by my side, but I do have a shotgun under my bed, and any thief who breaks into my home will be taken out in a body bag.

The thief, Nicholas Ulloa, 22, was discovered hiding in a nearby shrub with several bags of property containing Irvine`s items.

Jesus and the residents of Hemet are weeping over failure of this woman to rid their community of this burglar.

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