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Published:November 10th, 2013 12:35 EST

Outrage: Paris Restaurants Seat Patrons Based on Looks

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Former servers at two upscale Paris restaurants said they were told to reserve the best tables for the most physically attractive customers.


The former servers at restaurants Georges and Cafe Marly told Le Canard Enchaine their bosses ordered them to abide by a seating chart that specified separate sections -- one for customers deemed to be good looking and another for their less attractive counterparts -- France 24 reported Friday."


The same snooty dude owns both eating establishments, and I hope they both go out of business.

Average-looking people of the world unite, and boycott these restaurants. Let`s see if this a-hole can remain in business now that his discriminatory policy has been exposed.

If I owned an eatery, I would seat fat folks in the prominent tables. They would make the best advertisement: We love this place so much that we can`t get enough of their food.

Kudos to these servers for doing the right thing, and exposing their evil boss.

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