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Published:November 10th, 2013 12:11 EST

UFO Sightings Reported In San Antonio! Stop The Insanity! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In WOAI News 4`s video report, two of the witnesses are convinced that what they witnessed was extraterrestrial. One witness said, `It was scary, but it was awesome too at the same time. Because you`re like seeing something; not knowing if you`re going to get zapped.`


She continued, `There is some kind of life out there and for some reason they are coming by.`

Another witness also expressed concern. She sad, `I think this is a scary situation when you got things flying in the sky you can`t explain.`"

Open Minds

Local news report are so predictable, regardless where you live in this great country, this is the format of your local news broadcast:

Local events, national news, weather, sports, a segment on viral videos, and an eyewitness account of a UFO sighting.

Invariably these eyewitnesses are colorful characters with a penchant for drinking and stretching the truth beyond recognition. The woman featured in this WOAI report, Irene Trujillo, is a real doozy, God bless her soul but she looks like an alien from another galaxy.

Moral of this story: There may be intelligent life in outer space, but aliens wouldn`t waste their time researching a plant with precious little intelligent life.

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