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Published:November 12th, 2013 11:28 EST

Insanity: Clergy Post 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' Billboards In Detroit

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A wave of gun violence in Detroit has prompted local church leaders to inundate the city with `Thou shalt not kill` posters and billboards in hopes of quelling the violence.


A coalition of clergy leaders held an emergency meeting on Nov. 7 to develop a plan to promote the message of the Sixth Commandment in the community, WWJ-TV reported.

We all have to do what we can do, and right now we don`t have a respect in our communities for life; we don`t have a respect for many things,  a local minister, Ovella Andreas, told the station. But we still have to create a standard to hopefully have a consciousness about God..  . because even our people have become apathetic."


The religious morons promoting the "Thou shalt not kill " posters are the same brainiacs  who spearheaded efforts to get the city to designate the 22nd day of each month as "Stop the Violence Day."

We are all familiar with the phrase "failed state" used in reference to a nation that has failed in providing the basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government.

Perhaps the best way to describe a failed state is by listing the countries that are universally believed to belong on this list:










Detroit is a failed municipality, it has abysmally failed to provide the basic conditions and responsibilities the citizens of a major American metropolis expect and demand: Quality education, law and order, good governance, solid infrastructure and meaningful jobs.

Detroit has a post-apocalyptic landscape, there are thousands of empty and burned down homes, apartment buildings and commercial buildings and factories that stretch on for miles and miles. Soweto and Chernobyl are luxury resorts compared to the Motor City.

Billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted trying to sustain a dead city that has been presided over by corrupt officials for decades.

Putting up "Thou shalt not kill" posters in hopes of quelling the epidemic violence is the epitome of desperation and stupidity.

First of all it assumes that the thugs and criminals that prey on the hapless good citizens of Detroit can read.

It also assumes that they have a conscience. Blanketing Detroit with "Thou shalt not kill" signs makes as much sense as the devil putting up signs in hell warning his demons not to ram red-hot pitchforks up the rear ends of new arrivals.

The signs should read "Thou shalt not murder", the only solution to Detroit`s pervasive crime and violence would be to arrest, convict and execute murderers within one year of their sentencing.

Of course this will never happen, and of course Detroit is damned.

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