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Published:November 12th, 2013 13:21 EST

Reader Responds To My Article 'Lady, 75, Hurls Dog Poop...'

By Robert Paul Reyes

I received this letter is response to my article "Lady, 75, Hurls Dog Poop..."


Dear Mr. Reyes

The `sweet old lady` you refer to lives in my neighbourhood. She is a batty old eccentric dog lover who for the last 10 years has allowed her dogs to foul the streets and used to refuse to pick it up. Her favourite place to do so was the path along which all of the local primary children walk to school. She once told me to pick up her dog poo when I asked her to do so, then verbally abused me in front of my autistic son. She has verbally and physically assaulted both adults and children in this area for 10 years and we would gladly see her put away for her heinous behaviour. The man in question is my neighbour and was not cycling at speed, Ms. Curran goes out looking for a fight, usually with children but this time picked on someone who decided to take action. The local paper is a `rag` and the journalist is inept. Amazing that things can get so awfully twisted and the facts get muddled.

I withheld the name of the letter writer to preserve her privacy

I have a penchant for browsing the Internet in search of weird news -- nothing quite illustrates the absurdity of life and the venial character of people like odd news.

I use weird stories as a means to entertain and to point out the moral of the story, if there is one.

I don`t know if the reader`s local paper is a rag, but the Student Operated Press is a fine publication, and we give readers a platform to express their opinions of our essays.

I don`t know if Ms. Currall is a "sweet old lady", or a "mean old hag", but writers generally give elderly women the benefit of the doubt, and describe them in polite terms.

I used Ms. Currall`s saga as an excuse to rant against cyclists  - - a menace to society in UK as well as in America.

The Internet is a wonderful invention; in this case it`s given a blogger in America and a mother in England the opportunity to share their thoughts about an elderly woman, a cyclist and a bag of dog poop. 

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