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Published:November 12th, 2013 08:27 EST
Reelz TV`s 'Killing JFK: 50 Questions Answered' Is Like A College Finals` Cramming Session!

Reelz TV`s 'Killing JFK: 50 Questions Answered' Is Like A College Finals` Cramming Session!

By John G. Kays

While I`m a very seasoned student of JFK`s Assassination (with 50 years of study under my belt), I found a Reelz TV (I`m a loyal fan now) special, Killing JFK: 50 Questions Answered, to be a good review for that (mother of all) unsolved cold cases. It was like a college finals` cramming session, tossing out an important angle to the case, then providing you with a succinct answer, especially relying on film footage and photographs from the time, as well as how sites look today (such as Ruth Paine`s house in Irving or the Texas Theater, which has barely managed to survive).

Reelz TV (556) has had cutting edge coverage of the Kennedy Assassination so far, and Killing JFK, perhaps wins the prize for educating people in a factual way, as to what really happened in Dallas (or what we can verify with concrete evidence) 50 years ago this month. I never even heard of the Reelz Channel until a week ago when I saw The Smoking Gun, which points the finger at a Secret Service agent as the shooter for the final head shot. Over 2 million people watched that show and I was one of them; I would urge these same viewers to catch the 50 Questions Answered show, which will bring you into focus and prepare for the exam (which comes up in about 2 weeks).

I was even stumped by some of the answers given (not so much by the questions themselves). One such question had to do with what movie was showing at the Texas Theater when Oswald snuck in after the puzzling Tippit shooting. Well, the answer is War Is Hell, which I knew but I didn`t know that the film has since been lost, and that it was a Korean film directed by Bert Topper. Moreover, Bains Baron, the lead actor, was born on the same day as the slain president, which was May 29, 1917. Now that`s the kind of trivia I need to know; I can use it to impress my friends, who are also Conspiracy Nuts like me!

And the photos were priceless; how about Abraham Zapruder`s Bell & Howell Zoomatic movie camera? My favorite, however, were of Oswald`s rooming house at 1026 North Beckley, in the Oak Cliff district of Dallas. I`ve visited this important historical site many times before when I lived in Dallas (moved back to Austin in November of 1995), but these photos were from 1963, the way the seedy rooming house looked at the time Earlene Roberts (the housekeeper who knew Jack Ruby) saw Oswald retrieve his jacket and pistol, splitting quickly after a Dallas Police squad car (with two cops inside) tooted its horn twice (as if summoning the suspect for an important rendezvous with history).

The same holds true for Ruth Paine`s house in Irving, Texas, which is now a museum (this comes as a surprise to me). I love staring at pictures of the house from the period, and can imagine Lee going to work with Wesley Frazier on that fateful Friday, with a package wrapped in ordinary brown shipping paper, which Lee claimed was curtain rods. Wesley makes an appearance in the Reelz special and simulates his drive to Downtown Dallas, even parking in the same spot he usually used back in the day, which was, I believe, behind the Book Depository Building off of Houston Street. Should they put a placard on the parking space also? Affirmative!

I`d have to say, my favorite slice of trivia came when it`s revealed, a former reporter for The Dallas Morning News, Hugh Aynesworth, (who is featured extensively in 50 Questions Answered) was present at all three of the shocking crime scenes, occurring over the course of those 3 Dark Days in Dallas. They are, of course, that Hugh was in Dealey Plaza at 12:30 PM, he then was present in Oak Cliff after J.D. Tippit was slain (purportedly by Oswald, but I have my doubts), then, two days later, he was right next to Ruby in the police basement when he shot Lee pointblank in the stomach. What gets me, is that Hugh Aynesworth doesn`t believe there was a conspiracy. I can`t figure this one out.