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Published:November 14th, 2013 08:21 EST
'Capturing Oswald' on the Military Channel Fails to Erase Misgivings About Dallas Police Performance!

'Capturing Oswald' on the Military Channel Fails to Erase Misgivings About Dallas Police Performance!

By John G. Kays

Capturing Oswald, shown on the Military Channel, gives you an interesting perspective; it`s the point of view (50 years later) of a few of the surviving Dallas Police Officers who were on duty the weekend of JFK`s tragic stop in Dallas. I wrote a few of their names down on a memo pad: Paul McCaughen, Jim Leavelle (we all know Jim), Elmer Boyd (Dallas homicide detective), and Jimmy Courson (a motorcycle officer in the President`s Motorcade). These police veterans of the tumult hitting Dallas do a good job of defending their position that The Dallas Police were efficient in solving this crime, but that much of it was out of their hands.

While knowing full and well there`s much more to this story than could be properly displayed in one hour`s time, I felt satisfied with the answers they gave to the tight squeeze they found themselves in. I was impressed with the simulation provided of the shooting of J.D. Tippit in Oak Cliff, apparently by Lee, and with the re-enactment of Oswald`s arrest at the Texas Theater; hell, they even had an interview with the Jefferson Blvd shoe store manager, John Brewer, who followed a suspicious man down the street, seeing him duck into a theater showing War Is Hell.  

Yet the account is incomplete. Was it the movie ticket woman, Julia Postal, the one who called the police, or was it the usher and concession stand employee, Don Burroughs, who called the cops. Or did they both call them? I had always heard that neither of them saw Oswald enter the theater. Really, it must have been John Brewer alone who saw Lee duck into the humble movie house. Then why is it that Julia Postal testified to the Warren Commission that she saw Lee duck into an adjacent alcove, avoiding a passing vehicle (not a cop car), but she doesn`t see Lee sneak by the ticket booth? And what was the time he enters?

In The Men Who Killed Kennedy (Episode 4 The Patsy), Don Burroughs says it was, at the latest, 1:09 PM. Well, this was actually the time pinpointed as when J.D. Tippit was shot at the corner of 10th and Patton. I`ve walked this route before down Jefferson to the Texas Theater, and it would take Lee at least 5 minutes to get here, which would put him inside the movie house by 1:14 PM, say. But Burroughs insisted he entered between 1 and 1:09 PM; how did he know this? Had he glanced over at a clock, say, once the cops had arrived for the bust of the Century?

Capturing Oswald doesn`t attempt to break things down to that type of minutiae, but we all know you have to do so if you want to believe these reports are credible. Another startling aspect to the special, is the insight we get into how the Dallas Police and the FBI were colliding, since the FBI actually had confiscated the evidence, such as the rifle, and took it back to Washington, where they could examine it for themselves. I`ve always questioned how Oswald`s palm print got on the Carcano. Did the FBI plant it on the rifle after having lifted Lee`s prints from his body when it was at the morgue? 

And if Captain Fritz was such a great interrogator, why did they forget to tape record the interviews with Lee? This is an egregious omission, don`t you think? Exactly what did Lee say when he was questioned by Captain Fritz? We`ll never know for sure now, since the interviews weren`t recorded! And what about the Dallas Police conducting an 18 day investigation (of themselves) into how Jack got into the basement? They concluded there was no collusion between Ruby and possible rogue elements within their force. Really? Ruby got in by the Main Street ramp? I prefer to believe what Seth Canter concluded in Who Was Jack Ruby; Jack got into the Municipal Building from a side door, left open a rogue confederate within the Dallas Police. Great show though!