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Published:November 16th, 2013 11:26 EST

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's Shockingly Crude Live Comment: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is the patron saint of comedians; every day he provides enough fodder for a bevy of late-night comics, bloggers and political pundits to feast on until they throw up all over their computer keyboards.


Mayor Ford is the elephant in the room, he simply can`t be ignored, and just to make sure you notice him, he will smoke crack, fraternize with prostitutes, get drunk, and hit on anything wearing a skirt.

Ford`s shockingly crude comment in response to court documents that contained an allegation from a female aide he volunteered to perform oral sex on her triggered the latest round of outrage, condemnation and uproarious laughter.

If an elected official is accused of asking a female aid if she wants to be orally serviced by him, he will be circumspect, to the fault of blandness, in his reply.

Here`s what the average (sane) politician would have said in a press release: I am a happily married gentleman, and I am mortified by the untrue and outrageous allegations that have been levied against me.

Here`s how Ford responded on live TV: Olivia said that I wanted to eat her pu***. I never said that, I have plenty to eat at home.

Ford is a portly fellow, and I doubt that he`s going hungry at home, but there`s a specific item that he`s not going to be munching on for a while, his humiliated wife will see to that.

We may have Anthony Weiner, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, Ex-governor Eliot Spitzer and good old Bill Clinton, but Canada has Rob Ford. Canada wins the Politicians Gone Wild derby!

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