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Published:November 17th, 2013 11:55 EST

Jennifer Lopez Does Her Own Amazing Stunt for Commercial

By Robert Paul Reyes

"US actress Jennifer Lopez leapt 20 feet off the hood of a car in 5-inch stilettos, doing her own stunt work for an upcoming commercial, TMZ reported.


The advertisement, the company for which was not reported, is scheduled to air during the American Music Awards."


We think of Jennifer Lopez as a prima donna who doesn`t do anything for herself. The diva has a hair stylist do her hair, a make-up expert apply her mascara, a pedicurist scrape her corns, a dental hygienist floss her teeth, a massage therapist rub away her pains and aches, and a flunky wipe her huge ass after using the little girls room, hmm maybe that`s a job for two flunkies.

Not exactly! Jenny from the block hasn`t forgotten her down-home roots; homegirl did her own stunt for an upcoming commercial.

Way to go girlfriend! Can`t wait to see your new commercial, but how did you defy gratify by lifting your huge lard ass off the ground?

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