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Published:November 19th, 2013 08:26 EST
Did Lee E. Bowers See Too Much From Behind THE GRASSY KNOLL? Had to Die?

Did Lee E. Bowers See Too Much From Behind THE GRASSY KNOLL? Had to Die?

By John G. Kays

At the time of the shooting, in the vicinity of where the two men I have described were, there was a flash of light or, as far as I am concerned, something I could not identify, but there was something which occurred which caught my eye in this immediate area on the embankment. Now, what this was, I could not state at that time and at this time I could not identify it, other than there was some unusual occurrence - a flash of light or smoke or something which caused me to feel like something out of the ordinary had occurred there. Lee E. Bowers - Rush To Judgment by Mark Lane 

As I watch so many of the newly produced specials for the 50th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy`s assassination in Dallas, I`m noticing a paradigm, a return to the belief that Lee Oswald acted alone and was solely responsible for shooting the President and Officer J.D. Tippit in Oak Cliff (about 40 minutes after he`d squeezed off three rounds [full metal jackets] from his antiquated Italian made Carcano). As you stupidly buy-up these crocks of baloney, I`d like to remind you why about 90% of Americans (at one time) were fully convinced of a conspiracy, and of a second shooter positioned behind a picket fence on the Grassy Knoll. 

The Star Witness who can solidly cinch the case (for conspiracy) is Lee E. Bowers, who perished in a suspicious car accident on August 9, 1966. I`ll not go into some of the most odd aspects of his death, but only to say, someone may have put drugs in his coffee at a cafe, and, furthermore, he may have been run off the rode near Midlothian, a little south of Dallas. I personally believe both of these allegations; a doctor riding in the ambulance with Bowers after the accident, noticed: He was in a strange state of shock, a different kind of shock than an accident victim experiences. I`d call it a catatonic state, or better, how about a drug-induced state-of-mind!

Do I believe the conspirators eliminated Lee Bowers, since he saw to much? I have to admit, I do believe just that; but who do I think it was (who snuffed Lee?) Mark Lane has finally concluded, it was the CIA who Kennedy, so I`ll go along with this construction, and as an extension, say it was the CIA who first drugged Bowers, then ran him off the road; it was clear day (8/9/`66) in Texas, no other cars were on the road (according to an eyewitness who saw Bowers crash), and Lee was driving a brand new car - no way he`d crash like that!

He was killed because he saw the assassins behind the picket fence shoot the President; I`m fully convinced of this (what to me is clear as a bell), but which was concealed in such a way as to make it impossible to pinpoint who did it. The killers knew that Bowers got a very good look at them and knew he would have to be eliminated; especially after he began running his mouth on film to the radical attorney (who mounted a defense for Lee Oswald`s innocence), Mark Lane.

But Bowers saw it all, and told all before they could get to him; furthermore, his powers of observation were quite keen and what he said was backed up by many others (Beverly Oliver, Jean Hill, Gordon Arnold, Sam Holland (after Bowers, the best witness for Grassy Knoll complicity), Julia Ann Mercer, J. C. Price, and Ed Hoffman, just to name a few.

A repetitious ritual of pathos plagues me. Through the fleeing years, time and time again, as I lie in bed trying to fall fast asleep, but can`t for the life of me do so, `cuz I keep fixating on those three cars canvassing the parking lot (seen and described in excruciating detail by Lee Bowers) about 20 minutes prior to the motorcades` graceful descent into triangulated crossfire. What were these men up to? Were they CIA? Weren`t they finalizing a location for a sniper, the one who shoots the dumb-dumb bullet that nearly takes the President`s head off? It`s most certain they were! *(I Prologue - pages 29-35 in Rush To Judgment, by Mark Lane - 1992, Thunder`s Mouth Press).