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Published:November 20th, 2013 08:33 EST
Arnold Rowland Saw a Man with a High-Powered Rifle in the Southwest Corner Window of the TSBD (12:15 PM)!

Arnold Rowland Saw a Man with a High-Powered Rifle in the Southwest Corner Window of the TSBD (12:15 PM)!

By John G. Kays

Focusing on one individual witness at a time, or on one distinct moment in time, can provide clarity, a mind-altering window into the Assassination of JFK, that tells us conclusively, the shooting was wrought with a sophisticated construction, involving multiple parties, but that (necessarily) excludes Lee Oswald. Lee had been earmarked as the Patsy, just as he had cried out in despair to hungry reporters, as Dallas homicide policemen rushed him down the cluttered halls of the Municipal Building. 

I`ll focus today on Arnold Rowland and on the often overlooked Charles Bronson film. Were there two men quickly stacking boxes (the infamous Sniper`s Perch) 6 minutes before the motorcade arrives in Dealey Plaza?

18-year-old Arnold Rowland saw a man with a high-powered rifle in a window of the Sixth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository, but the qualifier here is it was the Southwest most corner window. In the traditional Sniper`s Nest window (Southeast), Rowland saw a dark complexioned man (sitting in this villainous warehouse portal), who was most likely Bonnie Ray Williams, eating that chicken lunch (we`ve often heard so much about).

It`s important to establish the time of Rowland`s observation (of the two shadow men in the ruddy colored edifice); it was 12:15 PM (it`s exactly 12:15, check your references). This presents a vast array of problems, if we wish to believe Lee was aiming his rifle out the window at 12:30 PM, precisely!

One item that has always troubled me, is that Mister Williams, after eating his chicken lunch, departed for the 5th floor at approximately 12:20 PM (10 minutes before the President arrives). Obviously, Oswald would want to be alone on that floor to his deed, but he`d have to wait for Williams to leave first; how did he do this? Did he stalk Bonnie Ray until he was certain he`d left the Sixth Floor? 

Then we have the problem, that is, it was widely circulated the Motorcade was slated to arrive in the Plaza at 12:25; therefore, don`t you think Lee would have wanted to be in place at least 5 minutes early? Can you imagine the tension he would have felt if he was sitting around and waiting for Bonnie Ray to split?

This is one of the reasons I don`t believe this is how it went down, but there are quite a few others. One is, a secretary at the Book Depository, Carolyn Arnold, saw Oswald in the lunchroom at about 12:15 PM; she was certain of the spotting and fairly clear about the time. Carolyn was pregnant at the time and craved a glass of water. Lee was sitting in a booth seat and seemed to be having his lunch. 

So did Lee suddenly race up to the Sixth Floor a few minutes later? And let`s remember, Officer Marion Baker spotted him again in the lunchroom at a bit under 12:32 PM; he was calm, not out of breath. Would he`ve been capable of hiding the rifle, then racing (madly) down 4 flights of stairs in under 2 minutes, and even purchasing a Coca Cola? My theory for why Lee had his composure, is that he was completely unaware of what had just happened.

As Anthony Summers points out, in the 1980 edition of Conspiracy, the man holding the rifle in the Southwest most Sixth Floor window, observed by Rowland Arnold, could not have been Oswald, since he was seen in the Second Floor lunchroom by TSBD secretary, Carolyn Arnold. I am running out of time, just as Oswald was as he sojourned out the front of the TSBD, after narrowly escaping a good thrashing by Marion Baker. 

I`m of the opinion, it was at this very moment he put two and two together and realized what these men were up to: he was the fall guy. Why didn`t the light come on before? Bronson film shows the set-up - the Sniper`s Nest was a staged scene, just like a Hollywood set!