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Published:November 21st, 2013 08:22 EST
Jim Garrison`s 'On The Trail Of The Assassins' persuasively Argues The Case For Conspiracy!

Jim Garrison`s 'On The Trail Of The Assassins' persuasively Argues The Case For Conspiracy!

By John G. Kays

Much of what we know today about the conspiracy that killed John Kennedy, was uncovered by Jim Garrison, the District Attorney for New Orleans in 1967, which is the time period when this most important information was discovered. Rather than urging you to watch JFK one more time, I think it best to tell you to read Jim Garrison`s On The Trail Of The Assassins (1988), which is exactly what Oliver Stone did when he was putting JFK`s screenplay together. I got my paperback out of storage (a religious ritual) when angered by hearing Vincent Bugliosi bad mouth Garrison on a random (low quality) CNN special I was watching for the 50th.

I will have to go back through On The Trail Of The Assassins with a fine tooth comb, and may even look for a pristine hardback first edition on Amazon, adding to my already burgeoning collection of meaningful titles on JFK`s Assassination (Bugliosi`s book won`t be amongst them). Okay, so Jim Garrison`s book will tell you exactly where his investigation led him in that turbulent and creative time we know as the late 1960s. You may want to supplement what you learn in On The Trail with Garrison`s Playboy interview, which is a great read, along with an appearance he made on The Tonight Show, when Johnny Carson gave him a thorough drilling.

Not to summarize what Garrison discovered, since you can`t do that, it`s too complicated, but basically he uncovered what I`ll aptly call "Oswald`s New Orleans Period,` when he became what he would be remembered as, a falsity of the highest order, an advocate for a Leftist Marxist, Pro-Castro Cuba ideology. This isn`t who or what Oswald really was, but rather this is the cardboard marquee (if you will) that he projected himself as, that he promulgated himself as. This is how he wanted the public and the world to perceive him. Again, this wasn`t the Real Lee, it`s a role he was playing!

Time and time again, this is the case made by Garrison; and he does so persuasively, no doubt about it. Why would Lee be working for Guy Bannister, if he was genuinely on the Left? Bannister was on the Extreme Right! Guy Bannister died before Jim could get to him, but left behind a lot of evidence that let`s us know what he was up to; Guy was pulling the puppet strings on Lee, maneuvering him into place for the Big Fall in Dallas. The distribution of "Fair Play for Cuba` leaflets by Lee in Downtown New Orleans was a staged sham, cleverly orchestrated by Bannister to fabricate a Blacksheep Identity for Lee, that is, on the surface, a motivation to assassinate.

Who knows what Lee really believed? He may have been working for the CIA so long, he didn`t know his own mind, what with the effects of wholesale brainwashing. I do believe that Guy Bannister and David Ferrie were working for the CIA and they were the ones who recruited Lee to become (grow into) the Patsy Role; Lee didn`t report directly to CIA operatives, but was rather a Third Party agent in cahoots with Ferrie, Bannister and even the teflon man, Clay Shaw, who could avoid prosecution by being cautious and careful. Hell no, Jim couldn`t prove definitively these characters were CIA, they were too good at this cat and mouse game!

Hell, Bannister died in 1964 and Ferrie was probably murdered in February of 1967; David knew he was going to get it too, what with Garrison snooping around and starting to put two and two together. Garrison calls Lee an agent provocateur, when handing out these pamphlets, which is a very accurate term. Why did Lee move back to New Orleans in the first place? Why, because he was commanded to by the CIA. Jim Garrison saw the Intelligence Connection right before his eyes, while most Americans ignorantly looked the other way (and continue to do so).