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Published:November 22nd, 2013 10:46 EST

Kareem Gordon Assaults Pregnant Sister Over Chicken Nuggets

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Orlando man went to jail after allegedly attacking his pregnant sister over chicken nuggets, police said.


According to the arrest report, 28-year-old Kareem Romaine Gordon allegedly attacked his sister who is four months pregnant after a fight about chicken nuggets around 8 a.m. Sunday."

If I were a half-wit violence prone menace to society, I would still have enough sense to refrain from getting into a physical altercation with my sister over a taco. As an Hispanic I would be loathe to give anyone who read the crime blotter an opportunity to make demeaning Latino jokes.

But Kareem, who is African American, went Medieval on his pregnant sister when she ate his chicken nuggets.

Kareem`s default mode is to react violently at any perceived provocation, and woe to anyone who gets in between him and his chicken nuggets. This pathetic excuse for a human being has a history of domestic violence against his wife.

Animals like Kareem don`t consider the consequences of their actions; their sole imperative is immediate gratification of their carnal desires.

Kareem may hear a few jokes about blacks and chicken, but when he gets thrown in jail the hardened cons will make mincemeat out of this fool.

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