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Published:November 24th, 2013 11:22 EST

Old Man, 101, Uses Frozen Salmon To Practice For Carrying Olympic Torch

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A plucky Siberian centenarian (Alexander Kaptarenko, 101) says a frozen salmon has helped him prepare to take part in the Olympic torch relay to Sochi for the Winter Games.

`Nobody gave me a torch (to train with), they didn`t even promise one, and you need train,` he told RIA Novosti. `But how do you train?`

Despite his diligent practice, Kaptarenko was hoping the relay organizers would shorten the distance of his leg from the standard 200 meters (219 yards) down to 50 (54.6 yards)."


What an endearing and humorous story! This dear old fellow takes very seriously the honor of taking part in the Olympic torch relay for the Winter Games.

I hope Alexander stops lugging around that frozen salmon, and eats it for dinner. His arm is going to be too sore and weary to carry the Olympic torch.

It`s not adequate practice, but old age that Alexander has to worry about. I hope the relay organizers will shorten the old man`s distance he has to carry the torch to a manageable ten yards.

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