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Published:November 25th, 2013 13:28 EST

'Gangnam Style' Wedding Shooting in Yemen Leaves 3 Dead

By Robert Paul Reyes

"South Korean pop star Psy`s `Gangnam Style` provided the soundtrack for a fatal wedding shooting in Yemen that occurred when a guest apparently lost control of his AK-47.

"While guests were dancing to the hit song, a man hit the dance floor with his assault rifle and joined in the dancing.


As the song reached its chorus, the man began spraying bullets in an attempt to be celebratory as people all around him fell to the ground, injured or dead."


In the United States, South Korea and everywhere else in the civilized world the Gangnam Style craze is played out. Psy needs an army of bodyguards to protect him when he travels in America; we are so sick and tired of his Gangnam Style tomfoolery.

But in Third World hellholes like Yemen Psy is the bomb, and a couple in Yemen had a Gangnam Style-themed wedding.

In the good old USA if a dude with an assault rifle hit the dance floor at a wedding party, everybody would run away screaming and crying. But in Yemen a dude with an assault rifle at a party is par for the course, and people didn`t start freaking out until the man began spraying bullets in celebration and the party people in the house fell to the ground, injured or dead.

Ain`t no party like a Yemen party, cause a Yemen party don`t stop  `till everybody be dead or dying.

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