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Published:November 26th, 2013 08:38 EST
What Motive Would Chase Merritt Have for Doing Joseph McStay and His Family Any Harm?

What Motive Would Chase Merritt Have for Doing Joseph McStay and His Family Any Harm?

By John G. Kays

The McStays` remains found in a shallow grave out in Nowheresville (an isolated Mojave desert near Victorville, California)? Are we left with more clarity or rather more obscurity in the McStays` intriguing case, 45 months after they went missing? On the surface, the answer is it`s even more mysterious, yet I sense (my intuition tells me) we`re rather closer on the trail of whoever committed this atrocity. What was the cause of their deaths? I suspect, guns were used, yet law enforcement aren`t revealing this packed parcel of pertinent information. And we have another treasure trove we can now scrutinize!

Over the past 3 1/2 years, we`ve witnessed lots of rumors and idle speculation surrounding Joseph McStay`s business partner (the partners sold art fountains - the business was called: Earth Inspired Products), Chase Merritt (for the longest time, we didn`t even know his name), who finally has granted The Daily Mail Online a very revealing interview, where he makes it clear as day, he didn`t have anything to do with their disappearance. His life was ruined by the McStay case and many people are accusing him of some kind of nefarious involvement. Early on, when the case broke in 2010, I suspected him, but that`s because he was keeping so low of a profile, as if he was concealing something.

Well, perhaps that notion does contain a grain of truth to it, but no, I don`t believe now, Chase Merritt had anything to do with either the McStay vanishing act, or with what we know at this time to be their unfortunate fate back in early February of 2010, death as a result of homicide. My basic reason for thinking this way, is that I feel the detectives working on the case, who administered a lie detector test (freely taken) to Merritt, felt like Chase had passed it without a hitch (although some inconsistencies existed on the tape). Furthermore, what motive would he have? 

Earth Inspired Products we`re doing better than ever, as of February 4th, 2010, the last time Chase met with Joseph for lunch in Ranch Cucamonga (also, the day his family apparently left their brand spanking new Fallbrook home, that cost a whopping $320, 000). What they discussed at lunch that day, was a new contract for their fountains with an undisclosed Saudi Arabian client (Merritt didn`t say whether it was a business or just an individual who wanted the fountains). Chase did the welding and Joseph did the marketing part of it, we have learned.

Did Joseph come in harms way via this selling or marketing aspect of his work? My intuition tells me this would be a likely avenue or conduit to connect up with the wrong parties. Yes, I do sense this is how it must of happened, how it went wrong. Chase Merritt had nothing to gain and everything to lose, if Joseph somehow left the picture (which is exactly what he ended up doing)! Yet Chase knew the McStays quite intimately, as is highlighted in the Mail expose. Don`t know that he was able to alleviate any of the swirling suspicions that seem to swarm like killer bees towards Summer McStay.

On the contrary, Chase talks about Summer`s tempestuous jealousy and possessiveness towards her husband Joseph, as well as her hair-trigger temper, when he`d (Chase) eaten a slice of pizza one time, with the kids looking on. Did Summer have some shady associates who might of had some sort of unknown vendetta (some incident from her past) against her? These unfounded innuendos will not be entirely quelled by Chase Merritt`s shocking new interview! In spite of all the downplay, that it must have been one of the Mexican Cartels who were responsible, this is still the direction I`m going in (I like to avoid a crowd).