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Published:November 27th, 2013 08:33 EST
Michael McStay Would Have To Be Nostradamus Reincarnated To Predict His Brother`s Fate So Accurately!

Michael McStay Would Have To Be Nostradamus Reincarnated To Predict His Brother`s Fate So Accurately!

By John G. Kays

My fear is that I`m looking for two adult shallow graves two nephews` crosses. Michael McStay said this to the Orange County Register shortly after his brother and family disappeared on February 4, 2010. *(Quote is from a People article, Mystery In The Desert, which hits the news stands on Monday).

Early on in the McStay case I was very cautious and skeptical of Joseph`s younger brother, Michael McStay; not that I had any reason to be, but this is just my nature. I watched a lot of detective TV shows while growing up, such as Columbo (my personal favorite), Kojak, Barnaby Jones, and The Streets of San Francisco. Well, I got that out of way, but I must say, it seems as if it was a little hard to get Michael to drop by the house (on Avocado Drive) after it was apparent the family had left. We know this now, after Joey`s business partner, Chase Merritt, gave the Mail Online an exclusive interview.

Merritt was really the first one to check on the family; Chase goes in the backyard and feeds the dogs and gives them water. Oh, initially he tried to get Michael to go with him, but he couldn`t make it. I get the impression the younger brother wasn`t all that bent out of shape at first, even though the McStays hadn`t been approachable for several days. This is only conjecture, but perhaps it took a bit of time to sink in, his brother (and his family) had vanished. Chase clarifies, it wasn`t until February 11th (7 days after they vanished) when he and Mikey actually entered the cavernous, new home. Pictures of this spooky, empty house is all we ever see these days!

A week is a very long time to take, to come to a realization that 4 people are gone. Even 24 hours is a long time when it`s friends or family; I was saying this right after the case broke, and wrote several articles pointing out this incongruous jet-lag (rote reaction [Pavlov`s Dogs] to what obviously looks [suspiciously] wrong), to a family response to somebody who wasn`t answering the phone or the doorbell. To top this off, Mom called the Sheriff, they went by, no one answered the doorbell, so the officers left and forgot about it! It was only Chase Merritt who realized the gravity of the situation; the business partner alone, my friends.

As to my thinking nowadays, no, I don`t believe Michael is culpable in anyway; he did, however, not show such good judgment early on and was a little negligent. As far as the above quote goes, he would have to be a reincarnated Nostradamus to come up with such an accurate description of what actually happened to his brother Joseph, sister-in-law, Summer, and his nephews, Gianni and Joey, Jr. Once again, this doesn`t lead me to believe that Mikey knew at that time the fate of his immediate family; far be it from me to suggest that outlandish, accusatory notion!

Is he clairvoyant, can he see into a crystal ball? Apparently so; or, at least he suddenly had a clear vision in his minds-eye of what went down. I don`t know how else to say it, I believe his first reaction was this was the work of one of the Mexican drug cartels, right out of a Cormac McCarthy novel (based on true stories). This is exactly what I thought happened (in late February of 2010). Not surprisingly, with the discovery of the remains in the desert, my beliefs remain approximately the same. Summer possibly had a connection to one of the killers (a recurring comment posted by many).

I believe this party had called the family to meet him on what he faked (made sound like) as very important business. I don`t know what the ruse was, but they must have been alarmed enough that they dropped everything and quickly split, even taking their two children, who would normally go to bed around this time (say, 8 PM ish). Another item which has just captured my attention, is what the father, Patrick McStay, has found out. The media has always claimed the family`s bank finances were completely dormant after Feb. 4th. This is false! 7K was withdrawn on the dates of 2/6, 2/15, and 2/18. Who took it?