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Published:December 3rd, 2013 19:55 EST

Saga of Pig-headed Woman's Fight to Keep her Pot-bellied Pig Continues

By Robert Paul Reyes

In June when I first reported on this saga about a pig-headed woman`s fight to keep her pot-bellied pig at home in the city of Little Rock, I took the side of the city writing:


Common sense dictates that a pig belongs on a farm or a dinner table, and not in a city lot. I don`t want to hear the sound of a shrieking monkey or an oinking pig when I take my dog for a walk in my neighborhood.

Jyll Latham was quick to respond, writing:

"You absolutely can fight city hall when their ordinances are contradictory and you would never know I had a pet pig because #1) he lives inside and only goes outside to go to the bathroom and my dogs are much more obnoxious when they go outside as far as barking and carrying on and #2) Sooie is very dog-like, he wags his tail when he`s happy, comes and sits on command, goes to bed when I tell him to, etc. However, he isn`t noisy!"

This saga isn`t over yet:

"Jyll Latham thought it was all over. She and her pet pig, Sooie have been in and out of court fighting to keep Sooie as a pet in her Little Rock home.

In June, a judge ruled conflicting ordinances meaning that Sooie could stay.

Now, another turn in the case could mean the pot-bellied pig has to go."

Little Rock has decided not to eliminate pigs from the city, but to require that they are 300 feet from their nearest neighbor.

This means that Jyll Latham will either have to move or find another home for her beloved pig.

I admire this woman`s gumption; hey she`s won me over. I say grandfather the damn pig!