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Published:December 8th, 2013 10:52 EST

Miley Cyrus' #GETITRIGHT Video Destroys Christmas: Twerking Abomination!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Miley Cyrus has destroyed pop music and made it unsafe and unwise to turn on the radio, but this time time she`s really twerked over the line.


The artist formerly known as "Hanna Montana" has released a video that demolishes the concept and spirit of Christmas.

Fox News can stop hyping the "War on Christmas"; the twerking pop tart has destroyed the Christmas spirit forevermore.

In this scandalous video the 21-year-old singer twerks all up on Santa, pinches a dwarf`s cone bra, and dances all over the stage in a revealing costume. For good measure there`s a fluffy Chanel bag hanging from her shoulder, good to know Chanel has subsidized the annihilation of Christmas.

If your impressionable children watch this video they will think that Santa is a perv who`s traded in his elves for a stable of dwarf ho`s, and that if he climbs down the chimney he may twerk up a storm, but he ain`t leaving any presents.

The barbarians aren`t at the door, they`ve broken into your home and they are twerking up a storm. It`s all over, Christmas is dead.

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