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Published:December 9th, 2013 13:58 EST

Reindeer Runs Away From Santa: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A reindeer that ran away from Santa during the annual lighting celebration in Dillon, Colo., on Thursday was found after leading members of the local police department on an overnight chase.

While Santa was inside the La Riva building visiting children, the renegade reindeer was able to jump the wall of its enclosure and make its escape."


The average Santa is a wino or a crackhead making a few bucks during the holiday season; I do not for one freaking moment blame the reindeer for escaping from the clutches of the besotted old freak.

I`m just surprised more children don`t run away in panic when they catch a whiff of the alcoholic urine-drenched Santa at the mall.

The hapless reindeer was caught, and he will be forced to keep Santa company for a few more weeks.

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