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Published:December 9th, 2013 13:04 EST

'Snuggle House' Offering Therapeutic Cuddling for $60 an Hour Closes After 3 Weeks: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Madison, Wisc., business offering clients therapeutic cuddling for $60 an hour closed over the weekend after only three weeks in business.


After concerns about the legitimacy of the business delayed the opening of the Snuggle House for a month, it appears that those same concerns caused it to close.

`The push back and harassment is not worth it, honestly`, the business wrote on its Facebook page."


I agree that cuddling can be very therapeutic, when you are cuddling with a loved one who really cares about you.

But there is nothing therapeutic about cuddling with a stranger who is charging you $60 an hour for the privilege.

Of course rational people will assume that the Snuggle House is a front for prostitution. The business owner lamented that the harassment wasn`t worth keeping their doors open. Girlfriend, please! Do you really think the average dude is going to be content with just snuggling for $60 an hour?

I`m delighted this den of iniquity closed, $60 an hour for cuddling, give me a freaking break!

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