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Published:December 10th, 2013 10:49 EST

Domestic Violence Charge Dropped In Squirt Gun Attack & Pillow Fight

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Court records state prosecutors have decided not to pursue the case against Giovanna Borge, 19, who was arrested in September following an incident in a Port St. Lucie apartment, the Smoking Gun website reported Monday.


The Port St. Lucie police report said Borge told officers her boyfriend said something to her that she did not like, so she took a water pistol and squirted him with water."


After Borge squirted her boyfriend with a squirt gun, the violence increased exponentially: The aggrieved boyfriend hit her upside the head with a pillow and dumped a cup of water on her head.

There`s a double standard, unless a woman chops off a guy`s head she usually gets off scot-free. I`m shocked that this woman was charged with domestic violence for squirting her boyfriend with a water pistol.

Domestic violence is a serious crime that usually involves, fists, guns and knives, this couple should have been charged with misusing the 911 emergency system for calling the cops over a pillow fight.

The charges may have been dropped, but Borge has been ordered not to come within 50 feet of her boyfriend. Good idea, if she gets too close, she may lash him with a wet noodle or pinch his butt.

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