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Published:December 11th, 2013 16:51 EST

Canada Post Apologizes for Santa Letter Returned to 6-year-old for Misspelling 'North Pole'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Washington state woman said a 2-inch-long toy gun for a cowboy-themed sock monkey was seized by Transportation Security Administration agents in Missouri.


Canada Post apologized for returning an Ontario 6-year-old`s letter to Santa that misspelled North Pole but bore the correct postal code.

Gabriela and Chris Revak of Peterborough said their son, Adam, 6, insisted on writing and addressing his own letter to Santa, and the resulting letter misspelled the North Pole as "the North Powle,` but Santa Claus` name was spelled correctly as was the postal code, H0H 0H0, the Toronto Star reported Wednesday."


The Canada Post should have realized that a letter addressed to Santa Claus was written by a small child or by Sarah Palin, who can see the North Pole from her home in Alaska. Therefore they should have forgiven one or two misspellings, and mailed the letter to Jolly Old St. Nick.

For God`s sake children in Canada don`t have anything to do but play in the snow and write letters to Santa and Justin Bieber.

I`m surprised Santa`s letter with the postal code " hohoho" wasn`t mailed to Miley Cyrus.

Merry Christmas to all my readers, even the ones that live in Canada.

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