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Published:December 11th, 2013 11:20 EST

Obama Humiliates Wife & Disrespects Memory of Nelson Mandela With Selfie At Mandela Funeral: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"For the thousands of mourners inside Johannesburg`s FNB Stadium it was meant to be a fitting tribute to a `giant of history`.


But while some reflected on the remarkable life of Nelson Mandela, some world leaders saw it as the perfect opportunity to grab a quick `selfie` with their peers - prompting a backlash from web users accusing them of undermining the seriousness of the event.

U.S. President Barack Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish leader Helle Thorning-Schmidt grinned as they cosied up for a quick picture at yesterday`s memorial service for the former South African president, prompting an outpouring of criticism."

Daily Mail

Nelson Mandela will do down as one of the giants of history, his legacy will endure for decades to come. In a powerful speech at a huge memorial service for the late South African president in Johannesburg, President Barack Obama paid touching tribute to the man who he said had inspired his own political ambitions, and made him strive to be a better man. Obama`s stirring speech was well received by the throngs of South Africans, who saw in the US president a reflection of their own beloved late leader.

But it`s not Obama`s emotional and inspiring speech that the South Africans and the rest of the world will remember, it`s Obama`s juvenile selfie with his peers. Like a bunch of giggling schoolgirls, they grinned as they bunched together, the blonde Danish head of state flirting and pulling the handsome British Prime Minister closer into shot, for a quick selfie taken on her smartphone.

As the giddy trio posed for the selfie, Obama`s wife Michelle sat alongside her husband looking ashen. Contrary to media reports that paint Michelle Obama as a beautiful woman, for politically-correct reasons, she has a weird body shape and her face is none too attractive. Poor Michelle must have been devastated that her hubby was enjoying the company of the beautiful Danish leader. Obama may be sleeping in the doghouse with Bo for the next few weeks.

Obama has humiliated his wife, disrespected the memory of Nelson Mandela, and made an abject jackass out of himself. Now the entire world knows what a moron the American people have been putting up with for the last five years.

We are graced with giants like Nelson Mandela once in a generation, morons like Obama sprout like weeds.

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