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Published:December 15th, 2013 11:45 EST

LA Black Santa Most Popular Santa In The World: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Dressed in a red Santa suit, white beard and rimless glasses balanced on his nose, Langston Patterson sits on a velvet couch and waits for his adoring fans.


Some call first to make sure he will be there. They come from Palmdale, Thousand Oaks and San Bernardino, driving past many shopping malls with Santas, but none that look like him.

For nearly a decade, Patterson has been the main attraction at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza during Christmastime: a rare black Santa Claus in a sea of white ones."

Los Angeles Times

The most famous black Santa lives in the White House; Obama has a free Obama phone for every resident in the hood, and a free IRS audit for anyone who has the temerity to question his policies.

But getting back to the Langston Patterson, he`s located in a mall in the heart of black Los Angeles.  Patterson may be the only black shopping-mall Santa in the LA area.

Fox News anchor Kelly Megyn recently got into hot water for opining that Santa is white. But I beg to differ, as long as you can fill out the huge Santa suit, regardless of your ethnicity, you qualify as Santa.

Little kids don`t care what color Santa is, as long as he promises to give them toys and electronic gadgets.

I don`t care if Santa is purple as long as he leaves some presents under my Christmas tree this year.

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