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Published:December 17th, 2013 08:32 EST
The Student Operated Press Remains The King of Electronic (Internet) News!

The Student Operated Press Remains The King of Electronic (Internet) News!

By John G. Kays

I love writing for The Student Operating Press; why? Because it represents a new internet version of an older Print News Maxim: FREEDOM OF THE PRESS (not an item to joke around about, Friendo)! Censorship (yet accuracy of reporting is nonetheless required) and overly skewed partisanship or political posturing is non-existent at TheSOP (although opinion is welcome)! To keep it simple, this is why I LOVE IT! 

I dig the layout too; the action is all vertical, an up and down flow of stories rotating in a chronological sequence, as they`re posted during a typical business news days (all 365 days of the year are jammed-pack with shocking news, People!); TheSOP captures a lions share of these important stories, that change our day, impact our lives, and actually alter the ever-mutating Course of History! IE, Daily News is more than it appears to be.

The driving force behind TheSOP is its CEO, Chief Editor, and Creator, Judyth Piazza, who currently runs the innovative internet press from Houston, Texas, but actually fares from sunny Florida, Vero Beach, which is where she came up with the idea and from where she launched this successful new web site. Ms Piazza can give you the particulars on how this great idea came about; as for myself, I`ve been glued to the page since 2007, and have been writing for theSOP since around the middle of 2008.

With her innovative (cutting edge) internet radio show, The American Perspective, Judyth Piazza interviews lots of writers, or rather published authors of books (I should say), but also she talks to people in business, to musicians, to movie celebrities, or to authors gripping a particular take on how to be successful in life, or how to achieve success in a particular niche of business. I`m learning a great deal! *(Let me put in a good word for her producer, LEON too!)

I have noticed, however, her specialty lately is interviewing authors of newly published books, with an emphasis on those represented by Sarah Book Publishing. This is a very interesting publishing company, in a time when it`s getting extremely hard to survive, and Judyth is helping to get the word out about a very groovy company, Sarah Book Publishing!

I listen to every single one of Judyth`s radio interviews; JP probes into what motivates authors to write, how they market their books, and especially what`s behind their success. It`s not surprising, most of these celebrity authors say it`s just hard work and a love for the topic they write on, that makes them tick, or drives them to carve out a niche in the market of their choice. I like to learn a bit from these folks, since I hope to start writing a book myself in the upcoming year, 2014

You can find most of Judyth Piazza`s author interviews under the category Art/Author Interviews on TheSOP page. Recent interviews with Sarah Book Publishing authors include one with Vanessa Zepeda, one with Tony Graff, and an interview with Dr. Lawrence R. Gelman. All are interesting - each highly recommended! I guess I better mozie over to Robert Paul Reyes, the main squeeze writer for TheSOP, before I run out of juice here, since there`s no limit on how much ink I can spill on the founder of TheSOP, Judyth Pizza, our Italian Opra! Robert Paul Reyes usually posts 3 short Henny Youngman-like pieces a day, but all of them pack a riveting wallop!

Each piece contains a hook that smacks you on the jaw and knocks you out, down for the count. Robert covers what I call those stories that fall down between the concrete cracks in the news; okay, so much of it is Novelty News Stories! Another Wal-Mart shooting? 

Isn`t there a shooting at Wal-Mart everyday (or at least some sort of labor row)? Nevertheless, I want to hear about it and Paul does the heavy lifting for us. Thanks Paul! I worked at a lot of fast food joints when I was a kid and frequented these slop holes, since I was always low on dough, so I`d go to Taco Bell and could dine on two bucks. The bottom line is, I appreciate these little stories Robert Paul Reyes pens!

As for myself, I mostly cover the tough crime beat scene, but occasionally drift over to the world of entertainment (music and movies), when the body count gets too high, or I can`t sleep from my mind churning away on automatic pilot and reconstructing (or deconstructing) a crime scene from available evidence. 

 This is not necessarily the category of news I`d prefer to work in, yet the popularity of these gruesome crimes practically dictates that it will be covered, one way or another. Hell, you might kill me because of what I`ve just written! MERRY CHRISTMAS and stay tuned/glued to The Student Operated Press!!! P.S. We`d LOVE to have the veteran writers back, such as Del Marbrook or Will Roberts!