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Published:December 19th, 2013 10:47 EST

Bloody Santa on a Cross with Crown of Thorns Sparks Outrage: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Christmas decoration is causing quite a stir in one Corpus Christi neighborhood.

Its a bloody Santa Claus hanging on a cross with a thorn crown.


At first glance it may look like a Halloween decoration until you take a closer look and notice a Santa hat and Christmas lights."


The homeowner downplays the controversy, insisting it`s only a Christmas ornament.

Come on dude, the bloody Santa is more than just an ornament. But I`m not offended by this unusual " Christmas ornament"; it`s a work of art that will mean different things to different folks.

To me the bloody Santa, called Slayer, symbolizes one man`s attempt to crucify the commercialization of Christmas.

If you are offended by the religious imagery (the crown of thorns and the cross), make a sign of the cross as you drive by and thank your lucky stars that we live in a country that guarantees every citizen freedom of speech.

Slayer is a lot less offensive than some homes that have a thousand and one blinking lights. At least folks don`t have to risk suffering a seizure when they drive by the bloody Santa.

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