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Published:December 22nd, 2013 09:59 EST

Do-Nothing Congress Introduces Resolution Defending Christmas

By Robert Paul Reyes

In 2013 Congress passed just 64 bills, that`s the lowest amount in modern history.

A group of congressmen have introduced a resolution stating that the chamber would "strongly disapprove of attempts to ban references to Christmas."


These illustrious statesmen have tried the citizens` patience, wasted their time, but they managed to introduce a non-binding, meaningless resolution.

Congress failed to act on immigration, extend unemployment benefits, or deal decisively with the problem of gun violence in our schools. But they passed a resolution declaring they are in favor of Christmas. Why not pass a resolution stating they support Mom, apple pie, and peace on Earth?

These congressmen introduced the resolution defending Christmas when Congress isn`t in session, because they`ve gone home for Christmas.

Is it any wonder that Congress` approval ratings are in the gutter?

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