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Published:December 22nd, 2013 10:22 EST

Mystery Santa Causes Panic By Waving To Schoolchildren

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Police in New Hampshire said a Santa Claus whose presence at a school prompted recesses to be canceled in the district was trying to spread "holiday cheer."


Hollis police Lt. Rich Mello said officers were called to Hollis Primary School just before 10 a.m. Thursday after a report of a mystery Santa tapping on windows and waving to students from outside the school, the Nashua (N.H.) Telegraph reported Friday."


I can understand if a man wearing a ski mask caused a panic by tapping on windows and waving to students from outside a school.

But when Jolly Old St. Nick creates an alarm simply by waving at schoolchildren, you know there`s something rotten in Denmark.

The cops showing up en masse, brandishing weapons, scared the students a lot more than Santa waving to them.

The mystery Santa contacted police later that day, he said he was just trying to spread some Christmas cheer.

I`ve had enough of this " overabundance of caution" bullcrap; everybody just needs to chill the hell out.

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